Kenyans will soon have access to a range of judicial services at various Huduma Centres across the country. This initiative is set to revolutionize the accessibility of legal services for citizens, making it easier and more convenient to engage with the judicial system.

“We are excited to announce that from January 29, 2024, Kenyans will be able to access nine key judicial services from Huduma Centres,” stated a representative of the Judiciary. “This marks a significant step forward in our efforts to make the legal process more accessible and user-friendly for all Kenyans.”

The services to be offered include the filing of new civil cases, submitting documents for existing cases, making general case inquiries, and requesting and receiving mention dates. Additionally, citizens will have the opportunity to gain virtual court support by accessing virtual court links, a service that will greatly enhance the efficiency and convenience of legal proceedings.

“We believe that these services will significantly streamline the legal process for Kenyans, making it more convenient and accessible for all,” added the Judiciary representative.

Furthermore, the initiative will also include support for E-filing, enabling citizens to open and recover E-filing accounts, reset passwords, and navigate the system with the assistance of the Judiciary Public Information desk.

The services will be available at designated Huduma Centres in GPO Nairobi, City Square, Makadara, Kibra, Eastleigh, and Thika, representing a major step forward in enhancing access to justice for all Kenyans.