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Bringing Water, PPE & Jobs to Kenyans

The impact of COVID-19 devastated more lives, livelihoods, communities and businesses across Kenya, than ever witnessed before. It became imperative that all stakeholders must unite to help minimize its impact nationwide and curb its potential for further disruption on Kenyans’ lives and our economy. Individual actions were just not enough. Only coordinated, unified action by Kenyans, communities, businesses and organisations combined, could greatly scale and hasten the impact of curbing this unprecedented crisis.

Photo of Personal Protective Gowns and Caps being worn and carried by a factory woman

Our history

Kenya Ni Sisi initiative was launched in April 2021 by corporate leaders, local communities and organisations with an aim to scale up the deployment and impact of COVID-19 action projects in the most vulnerable communities in Kenya, and the country as a whole. Spanning from previously collated efforts of SilAfrica, SATO, LIXIL, The World Bank and UNICEF; SilAfrica partnered with The Genesis Group, The Kenya National Federation of Jua Kali Association, Mara Moja Transport, UKAID, COVIDaction and DEG to develop even more impactful solutions and scale-up efforts and impact, thus the initiative was born. It has fast grown into a unified, patriotic movement by Kenyan brands, communities and Kenyans, working together to help the nation rise as one from the COVID-19 crisis.

Campaign goal

The goal of the projects has been to meet the shortfall of the most essential human needs - water, sanitation and protection - in vulnerable communities in the country in order to fight COVID-19, while also creating a stream of jobs to combat the fast-growing unemployment crisis. The projects include:

Our targets

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a stark and painful reminder that nobody is safe until everyone is safe. Together, we are raising KES 600 million to greatly scale-up our efforts and impact, and equip the most vulnerable areas in every county ward. Deploying 1,450 (3,000 ltr) contactless water stations that have a sustainable water solution, building 29,000 SATO sanitary toilets while distributing 500,000 PPE and utilising the local community to create & deploy - creating at least 4.5 million jobs, in the fight against COVID-19.

Our expectations

This campaign will ensure that every county ward is catered to across the nation and their subsequent communities, with an aim to further expand our reach thereafter, and help an additional 4,000 vulnerable communities plus distribute an additional 1,000,000 PPE, and create a further 9 million jobs; impacting the lives of at least 14 million Kenyans who need it the most.

By working together as one Kenya, we will ensure that no one Kenyan is left behind. For every Kenyan life matters. Kenya is all of us. Kenya Ni Sisi!


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Thank You For Helping Bring Water, PPE & Jobs To Kenyans