The Ministry of Health has announced the delivery of immunization cold chain equipment totaling Ksh 1 billion to all 47 counties. This program, which is part of the Cold Chain Equipment Optimization Program (CCEOP) funded from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, is expected to transform vaccination distribution across the country.

During the flagging-off ceremony at Afya House Grounds, the Cabinet Secretary declared, “Today’s event marked the flagging off of an additional 2,000 units, valued at Ksh 1 billion, further enhancing immunization delivery. The Ministry remains committed to supporting vaccine procurement, storage, and distribution to regional depots.”

Emphasizing the significance of robust cold chain systems in preserving vaccine potency, she underscored Kenya’s dedication to primary healthcare and Universal Health Coverage (UHC), stating, “This investment aims to promote vaccine equity, ensuring access for unreached and under-immunized children in communities.”

Following a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Health and Gavi, which provided 1,483 units of cold chain equipment to all counties since 2017, the Cabinet Secretary expressed gratitude to Gavi, UNICEF Kenya, WHO, and local partners for their invaluable support.

Encouraging parents, caregivers, and adolescent girls to leverage the enhanced cold chain system, she urged them to avail themselves of vaccination services at local health facilities.