Correctional Services Principal Secretary Salome Beacco has made a steadfast commitment to bolster the safety of probation officers in the wake of the recent tragic shooting at Makadara law courts, which claimed the life of a magistrate.

Addressing probation officers at the Nairobi probation hostel in Makadara, Beacco expressed the vital role these officers play in the criminal justice system.

She reassured them of enhanced safety protocols, stating, “One of the greatest conquests against your enemy is refusing to be discouraged. Continue with what you have been doing, the best days are ahead of you.”

Furthermore, Beacco announced that the State Department for Correctional Services has initiated psychosocial support for affected officers, particularly those present at the court during the shooting. This initiative aligns with the department’s focus on mental wellness for effective service delivery, being implemented across various regions.

Following the debriefing, Beacco visited Makadara law courts to mourn Principal Magistrate Monica Kivuti alongside judicial officers. While honoring Kivuti’s legacy, Beacco urged the judiciary to remain resolute in the pursuit of justice and the upholding of the rule of law amidst the tragedy.