The government has announced plans to revolutionize the dairy subsector, aiming to stabilize milk prices and support local farmers. Cabinet Secretary (CS) for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, and Cooperatives, Mr. Chelugui, unveiled a comprehensive strategy to address challenges faced by dairy farmers and boost the economy.

CS Chelugui declared, “This is an intervention the government is taking to absorb extra milk. When we have excess milk production, some processors abandon the farmers, and therefore the government is committed to taking up this and processing for future use.” He emphasized the government’s commitment to protecting dairy farming and ensuring fair prices for farmers.

The government plans to install milk coolers in all wards to modernize Kenya Co-operative Creameries (KCC) facilities, providing better storage and preservation for milk. CS Chelugui revealed, “We received a further Shs 400 million and we are expecting another Shs 500 million before the end of January. The Government’s resolve is to protect dairy farming like any other businesses in the country. The minimum price of buying milk is fair and enables farmers to earn good returns despite the high cost of operation.”

Furthermore, a milk price-stabilizing fund of close to Sh3 billion will be established, managed by New Kenya Cooperative Creameries. This fund aims to purchase excess milk from farmers, convert it into long-life products, and store it in the Strategic Food Reserve, ensuring stable prices and market access.