Defence Cabinet Secretary CS Duale is in Egypt for a three-day official visit aimed at enhancing bilateral ties between the two nations. According to a statement from his office, Duale is scheduled to meet with Egyptian Defense Minister Mohamed Ahmed Zaki to strengthen the two countries’ long-standing strategic alliance.

“The visit is aimed at reinforcing the strategic partnership between Kenya and Egypt,” emphasized Duale’s office, underlining the significance of the diplomatic mission.

During the visit, key agenda items on the table include discussions on regional security, the implementation of cooperation agreements on maritime and aerial security, as well as exploring opportunities for collaboration in professional military academic institutions. The joint efforts between Kenya and Egypt in the realm of defense are hailed as a testament to their deep-rooted relationship, with ongoing military exchanges showcasing the dynamic nature of their engagement.

CS Duale’s diplomatic efforts have taken him to different countries, including recent visits to Saudi Arabia and the United States, cementing Kenya’s status as a significant actor in global security initiatives. The strategic ties with Egypt and Saudi Arabia, both key US allies, highlight Kenya’s essential role in tackling regional crime.