In a press conference held in Nairobi today, Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu revealed a concerning disparity in the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) system.

With a staggering 389,962 students enrolled in TVET institutions, there are only 7,133 trainers available, resulting in a ratio of 1:55, far from the recommended 1:20 ratio.

Machogu emphasized the urgent need for more teachers, stating, “The current enrollment has outstripped the capacity of trainers to meet the needs of the students.” To address this issue, the government has already recruited 2,000 additional trainers and is working on revamping the TVET system to align with the country’s industrial and labor market demands.

Speaking on the importance of TVETs in preparing youth for the job market, Machogu highlighted the need for strong training facilities to support the growing number of students.

African Development Bank Division Manager for Education, Human Capital, and Skills Development, Hendrina Doroba, echoed this sentiment, urging African governments to prioritize the development of TVET institutions.

The symposium, themed “Leveraging Technical, Vocational, and Technical Training (TVET) in the knowledge and skills ecosystem for Africa’s industrialization,” brought together academia, industry leaders, and government officials to discuss the future of skills, education, and entrepreneurship in Africa. This breaking news sheds light on the challenges facing the TVET sector and the necessary steps to ensure quality education for all.