Cabinet Secretary for Investments, Trade, and Industry, Rebecca Miano, has revealed a comprehensive plan to revolutionize Kenya’s manufacturing sector, with the goal of increasing its contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to 15 percent by 2027.

Addressing a gathering of leaders from State Corporations, Agencies, and Departments in Nairobi, CS Miano issued a resounding call for unified action and collaboration, stating, “The journey to economic prominence is built on hard work, creativity, and strict ethical practices.”

The ambitious plan aims to position Kenya as a global leader in industrial innovation and sustainable development, emphasizing a collaborative strategy to harness synergy across diverse sectors and agencies within the ministry.

Highlighting the growth strategy, Industry PS Juma Mukhwana outlined the ministry’s plan to elevate the manufacturing sector’s contribution to the GDP from 7.6 percent in 2023 to 10 percent by 2024, with a long-term target of reaching 20 percent by 2030. This strategy includes the establishment of 30 additional County Aggregation and Industrial Parks.

Mukhwana emphasized the ministry’s pivotal role in refining trade policies and enhancing the investment atmosphere in Kenya, aiming to create a conducive environment for business prosperity and global competitiveness.

This bold initiative sets the stage for a transformative period in Kenya’s manufacturing sector, promising significant economic growth and global recognition.