Ministry of Defence Cabinet Secretary Hon Aden Duale on Wednesday June 12, 2024 commissioned the construction of 788 housing units for the military in Laikipia County. This venture which is part of a public-private partnership (PPP) housing program, aims to address the acute housing shortage faced by Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) personnel.

Duale, accompanied by top officials from the KDF, emphasized the importance of this initiative at the groundbreaking ceremony. He stated, “By providing our service members with quality housing, we are not just meeting a basic need but also fostering morale, cohesion and readiness within the KDF.”

The project, spread across multiple regions, includes not only Laikipia County but also Gilgil, Mariakani, and Nairobi. Duale underscored the government’s commitment to ensuring defense personnel have modern, comfortable housing, enabling them to focus on their duties effectively.

Additionally, Duale highlighted the broader plan to modernize the entire KDF, including equipping them with cutting-edge technology and resources to address contemporary threats. He also underscored the government’s dedication to providing comprehensive support beyond housing, including access to quality healthcare and education for military families.

The groundbreaking ceremony, attended by esteemed officials, marks a significant step towards enhancing the living conditions of KDF personnel.