Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has extolled the ingenuity and achievements of young content creators, emphasizing their pivotal role in the creative industry.

Addressing a gathering at Nyeri National Polytechnic during the ‘Mayouth Tuwe Set Initiative’ forum over the weekend, Gachagua expressed profound admiration for the vibrant talents shaping Kenya’s entertainment landscape.

“I take immense pride in witnessing the triumph of our youth in the creative sector. As a former actor and content creator myself, I deeply resonate with the aspirations of the young generation,” Gachagua remarked, underscoring the significance of nurturing artistic talents.

Commending musician and actor Kevin Bahati for his milestone entry into Netflix with the reality TV show ‘The Bahati Empire,’ Gachagua highlighted the transformative power of content creation as a lucrative avenue for the youth. “I joined content creators and actors because I was one. These talents are invaluable and must be harnessed,” he affirmed.

Amidst efforts to combat illicit substances, Gachagua urged the youth to leverage the burgeoning creative economy for economic empowerment. The Deputy President reiterated the government’s commitment to fostering opportunities in sports and arts, heralding a new era of innovation and prosperity for Kenya’s youth.

Accompanied by a cadre of leaders and youthful politicians, Gachagua’s endorsement of the creative industry signals a resounding call to action for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs to monetize their talents and drive sustainable growth.