Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua addressed the recent remarks made by National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wah regarding the significance of village roots in leadership.

Speaking at the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya International Scientific Conference in Mombasa, Gachagua expressed his surprise at being criticized for his village background.

Gachagua emphasized the importance of recognizing one’s roots, stating, “Every person has somewhere they came from and everyone has a home.”

He highlighted the pride in one’s origin and identity, advocating against the stigmatization of individuals based on their background.

Furthermore, he urged fellow leaders to refrain from disparaging remarks, stating, “Kenyans should be proud of their origin and identity, and no one should make them feel embarrassed.”

Responding to Ichung’wah’s previous comments on building a kingdom with village-oriented individuals, Gachagua affirmed his commitment to his heritage, emphasizing that visiting his village in Nyeri County and communicating in vernacular languages symbolizes respect for one’s roots.

In light of recent scrutiny, Gachagua remained steadfast, asserting that neither he nor President William Ruto would yield to pressure or intimidation tactics.

The Deputy President’s principled stance comes after a series of exchanges with Ichung’wah, challenging the narrative surrounding his allegiance to the Mt Kenya region.