In a statement addressed to the nation, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua delivered a message that emphasized the importance of empathy and decorum in leadership, especially during challenging times. Returning from an official visit to Colombia, Gachagua addressed several pertinent issues that have been at the forefront of public discourse in Kenya.

Addressing Economic Challenges

Deputy President Gachagua began his message by acknowledging the economic challenges faced by the nation, particularly the spike in oil prices that has affected citizens’ daily lives. He expressed his concern over the exchanges between public servants and the people of Kenya, underscoring the need for sensitivity and understanding in such trying times.

Public Servants as Role Models

DP Rigathi Gachagua’s message highlighted the significant role of public servants as role models in society. He stressed that regardless of their positions, leaders are fundamentally public servants entrusted with representing and working for the welfare of the people. He reminded public servants that their positions were granted through the election of President William Ruto, who appointed them to various government roles. Therefore, they are effectively employed by the Kenyan citizens and are expected to conduct themselves with humility and commitment to service.

The Importance of Sensitivity and Empathy

Deputy President Gachagua emphasized that leadership, especially during economic hardships, demands sensitivity and empathy. He cautioned against speaking condescendingly to the people or belittling their struggles. Such behaviors, he pointed out, are inconsistent with the principles of good leadership. Instead, he called on leaders to genuinely understand the difficulties faced by citizens and to offer a vision for a brighter future.

A Global Challenge

Recognizing that the challenge of rising fuel prices is not unique to Kenya, Gachagua highlighted that it is a global issue. He emphasized that the government is well aware of the hardships faced by Kenyan citizens and remains sensitive to their plight. His message aimed to clarify that the statements made by a few leaders should not be mistaken as the official government stance.

A Pledge for Solutions

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua concluded his message with a pledge that President William Ruto remains committed to finding sustainable solutions to the nation’s economic challenges. He called for unity, hope, and collective effort in overcoming these difficulties, reaffirming the government’s dedication to the well-being of Kenya and its citizens.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s address serves as a poignant reminder of the responsibilities that come with leadership positions, emphasizing the need for leaders to exhibit empathy and decorum, especially during challenging times.