In a determined and well-coordinated operation on September 1, 2023, law enforcement authorities in Kiambu County made significant strides in their ongoing battle against illicit brews and counterfeit alcohol. The operation, executed with precision, uncovered a deeply concealed operation that had long troubled the community.

Among the items seized were 44 cartons of ‘Best,’ 25 cartons of ‘Smart,’ and a staggering 69 cartons of ‘People.’ These brands, notorious for their association with the illicit alcohol trade, had been circulating, posing significant health risks to consumers. In addition to these, authorities discovered 44 cartons of “Blue Ice,” adding to the gravity of the situation. Imagine relaxing on a weekend imagining you at your local imbibing your favourite Blue Ice only to realize it’s a counterfeit made in Kariobangi!

But the scope of this operation went beyond counterfeit alcohol. In a shocking twist, law enforcement officers also found 240 liters of spirits hidden away in jerricans. It was a sobering reminder of the extent to which these illegal operations had been organized to deceive consumers and evade legal regulations.

The premises themselves unveiled a disturbing level of sophistication. Fake Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) stickers were uncovered, revealing the depths to which this operation had gone to bypass authorities. Over 1,000 bottles of various brands of spirits were stacked in corners, a stark representation of the scale of this illicit trade.

In a parallel effort in Murang’a County, the National Police Service (NPS) joined forces with Anti-counterfeit Officers to tackle unlawful goods. The result was the confiscation of numerous cartons containing uncustomed goods, with a specific focus on cigarettes categorized as excisable goods. These combined operations brought forth several benefits for the communities involved. Most importantly, public safety received a significant boost as counterfeit

alcohol, known for its harmful substances, was removed from circulation. The economic impact was also noteworthy as legitimate businesses were safeguarded, and revenue could flow back to the government, supporting crucial public services.

Beyond these immediate benefits, these crackdowns served as a strong deterrent to those involved in illegal activities. The risk of being apprehended and facing legal consequences acted as a warning, potentially dissuading individuals from engaging in such harmful practices in the future.

It’s important to note that Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has been at the forefront of the fight against the alcohol and drug menace. His tireless efforts in this regard are now bearing fruit, as evidenced by the successful operations in Kiambu and Murang’a Counties. His commitment to this cause serves as an inspiration to all, and his dedication to a safer and healthier community is undeniable.

Communities in Kiambu and Murang’a Counties could now look forward to safer environments and a more secure future. The operations were a period to the unwavering commitment of authorities to uphold the rule of law, protect citizens, and maintain order in their regions. These actions demonstrated that the fight against illegal activities was ongoing, ensuring a brighter tomorrow for the future generations.