Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has called for the integration of technology to enhance regional security.

Speaking on Sunday in Mombasa when he officially opened the Mashariki Cooperation Conference which brings together top security and National Intelligence Service (NIS) chiefs from over 10 states in the Eastern African region, Gachagua said technology is key to tackling emerging threats, especially in the digital space.

“Security demands that we seek an enhanced partnership network beyond our borders. Armed conflicts are among other issues fueled by the illicit trade of weapons within our borders. Terrorism and religious extremism take root as radicalisation cells also grow,” he said.

He asked the officials to come up with a framework for sharing knowledge and information between intelligence bureaus.

“As technology advances, crimes and other forms of insecurity have gone higher and more complicated. These and other security challenges threaten national development agendas for socio-economic transformation towards the Africa we want,” said Gachagua.