Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has called on over 40 newly appointed envoys to prioritize expanding Kenya’s export markets for maximum economic gain.

Speaking at the Official Residence in Karen, Nairobi, Mr. Gachagua emphasized the need for aligning trade opportunities with increased agricultural production to support the country’s economy.

“We are enhancing food production. If there is no commensurate market, farmers will give up. You have to help us market coffee, tea, milk, miraa, and other products,” he stated, highlighting the importance of supporting crop production alongside reforms in key sectors.

Gachagua stressed the necessity for envoys to plan on expanding trade opportunities, increasing direct investment, and seeking bilateral labor agreements for more jobs for Kenyans abroad. He made it clear that their performance will be evaluated based on the economic gains to the country.

The Deputy President also urged the envoys to focus on securing new markets, retaining existing ones, and generating economic benefits such as increased trade volumes and job creation. He emphasized that their contracts will be based on deliverables in the gains in volumes of trade and secured jobs.

The Deputy President’s office is ready to unlock investment and partnership opportunities in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs and other relevant agencies. He urged the envoys to align their mission’s priorities with the Kenya Kwanza Plan’s Pillars, emphasizing the need for aggressive commercial diplomacy.

The Deputy President’s call to action includes marketing agricultural produce, tourism attractions, and negotiating labor migration agreements to increase job opportunities for Kenyans abroad. This comprehensive approach aims to drive economic growth, create job opportunities, and strengthen Kenya’s position in the global market.

The envoys have been tasked with crucial responsibilities, and their ability to deliver tangible economic results will be closely monitored and evaluated.

This breaking news update was brought to you by Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and various government officials, highlighting the government’s commitment to economic growth and international collaboration.