Ethiopian citizens traveling to Kenya will now receive Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for free. This decision comes as a result of a joint communiqué between Kenyan Deputy President Ruto and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, highlighting the commitment to strengthen ties between the two nations.

President Ruto emphasized the significance of this move, stating, “The issuance of free ETA to Ethiopian citizens is a testament to our dedication to enhancing people-to-people interactions and boosting trade between Kenya and Ethiopia.”

This development aligns with a broader trend towards visa-free travel within Africa, aimed at promoting tourism, trade, and investment. The removal of visa requirements is expected to have a positive impact on both countries, facilitating increased economic activities and fostering closer relations between the citizens of Kenya and Ethiopia.

The ETA document, valid for 90 days upon entry into Kenya, is now accessible to Ethiopian citizens at no cost, in line with efforts to streamline travel processes and eliminate barriers to cross-border movement. This significant step marks a milestone in the ongoing efforts to promote seamless travel within the continent and boost economic growth through increased tourism and trade opportunities.