A section of slum dwellers, community-based organisations and Kenyans employed in the jua kali sector held a peaceful protest in the Nairobi CBD on Wednesday where they are voicing their support for a 1.5 per cent levy intended to fund affordable housing

The group staged a march along Kenyatta Avenue, City Hall Way, and Parliament Road as they chanted in support of the Levy declared unconstitutional by the High Court.

Some of the protesters were carried placards with the message; “tumechoka kulipia bafu and choo (we are tired of paying to use the bathroom and toilet). We support Housing Levy”.

Other protesters could be seen riding on top of lorries filled with (kokoto) ballast which is a crucial component of house construction in the city.

The protestors led by Jua Kali Association chairperson Peter Muema Muthaka who presented their petition to Parliament say that the residential house construction sector is where they get their daily meal.

“We have over 700,000 members who have registered to offer various types of skilled labour in the housing industry, we have over 50 construction sites, we are asking if all these are stopped, where will all these people who rely on this project directly or indirectly, where will they go?” he asked.

The protest was also visible on various social media platforms under the hashtag; Freedom From Rent where online posters such as ‘House Levy is the cure for better housing.