Cabinet Secretary (CS) Hon Mithika Linturi appeared before the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries to provide insights into the government’s measures to tackle pressing issues in the Agricultural sector.

The meeting, chaired by Senator James Murango of Kirinyaga County, focused on critical aspects of agricultural development. CS Linturi shared crucial updates on the National Cereals & Produce Board’s (NCPB) readiness to procure grains from local farmers for the National Strategic Food Reserve.

CS Linturi emphasized the government’s commitment to improving post-harvest handling and storage of maize. This commitment is underscored by the forthcoming arrival of mobile dryers, expected to enhance grain preservation in the country by mid-November 2023.

One of the notable points discussed was the state of macadamia nut production and marketing. CS Linturi assured the Senate Committee that the government is actively addressing challenges within this subsector to ensure its profitability.

The meeting signals the President Ruto’s government dedicated efforts to overcome agricultural sector issues, promote food security, and uplift the livelihoods of local farmers. It also highlights a proactive approach to strengthen post-harvest processes, addressing vital facets of Kenya’s agricultural landscape.