Tourism Cabinet Secretary, Alfred Mutua, unveiled an ambitious strategy to propel revenue generation within the tourism sector, setting sights on an annual target of Ksh 700 billion and aiming to attract 3 million visitors by the close of 2024.

“Last year, tourism contributed 353 billion KES to the economy. With a target of 700 billion KES annually, we aim for 3 million visitors in 2024 and 5 million in the next 2-3 years,” Mutua declared, underlining the sector’s crucial role in fostering job creation and business expansion.

Mutua emphasized the resilience and strategic growth witnessed in the industry, highlighting the pivotal contribution of tourism to Kenya’s economic landscape. Despite existing challenges, including workforce fluctuations, the sector remains robust, with sustained interest evidenced through high-season bookings.

“Our iconic attractions such as Maasai Mara and Amboseli are fully booked, showcasing the sector’s resilience,” Mutua affirmed, emphasizing the importance of promoting a positive global image to enhance visitor engagement and unleash Kenya’s tourism potential.

Recognizing the sector’s significance in youth employment, Mutua underscored the necessity of ensuring stability and growth for long-term prosperity and societal well-being. By prioritizing security and predictability, Kenya aims to solidify its standing in the global tourism arena, fostering sustainable economic development and empowering the country’s vibrant youth population.