The government has identified 28 sites across western counties brimming with gold, limestone, phosphates, and base metals.

The Ministry of Mining, Blue Economy, and Maritime Affairs announced this seismic shift in the country’s mining landscape, with Martine Yaki, Principal Superintendent of Geology, stating, “These findings herald a potential economic boom for the region.”

President William Ruto’s administration stands to benefit significantly from these mineral deposits, especially in light of recent financial challenges. Following the rejection of the Finance Bill 2024, which aimed to raise Ksh346 billion, these discoveries offer a glimmer of hope for crucial revenues.

“We are thrilled to reveal the promising reserves in areas like Mt. Elgon and Bongoma Town,” shared government officials, highlighting the vast economic potential of these newfound resources. The findings, including gold reserves and other valuable minerals, have sparked optimism for the burgeoning mining sector in Kenya.

With projections indicating a potential tenfold increase in the sector’s contribution to the GDP, the government’s focus on developing these sites signals a significant shift towards economic growth and prosperity in the region. This breaking news marks a turning point in Kenya’s mining industry, with exciting prospects on the horizon.