Eliminating lack of water as an issue in this country is a goal that the President, H.E Dr. Ruto has continuously expressed. The Kenya Kwanza government has made a promise to build at least 100 dams across the country. The President noted earlier this year that dams and irrigation projects are essential to rebuilding the agricultural sector and improve food security in the country.

PS Dr.Ronoh visited the Itare dam site in Kuresoi North, Nakuru County on a fact finding mission of the state of the project site. Earlier last month, the PS also participated in the Mau Catchment Conservation, a project to restore the Mau, with Bosto Dam, a 21 Billion water project aimed at serving Bomet and Kericho Counties.

The PS has also visited more sites such as the Kirandich, Chemususu Bergei Dams among others. The PS and the Ministry of Water have also urged all the project leads in the on-going constructions, asking that they respect the given time frames. The PS encouraged the project leads to have open communication on any and all challenges they may face.

Dams in the country will serve several purposes.

  1. Water Security.

The search for clean water has been full of long treks and high prices for a simple jerican. The construction of damns across the country will solve the problems many people have previously encountered. Clean water will be more accessible to Kenyans right to their homes. Accessibility to clean water will protect many children from illnesses brought about by water contamination. Kenyans who have suffered from long treks in search of water will no longer have to endure torturous trips that could endanger them and affect productivity.

  • Economic Growth.

A lot of business are heavily reliant on access to clean water. Areas with wanting access to clean water have minimal businesses. Businesses such as construction, restaurants and eateries, depend heavily on availability of clean water. With construction of dams all over the country, water supply will improve which will no longer be a deterrent to starting a business in many areas. This will bring about development on many small towns across the country. Revenue collection will be better for the counties and government, edging the country closer to the dream of self-reliance.

  • Agricultural Advancement.

Irrigation is many counties will improve farming in this country. Farmers will no longer be afraid of planting all year around, which has been the case with irregular rains and climate change. This will be a huge impact positively for the quest for food security in the country.

This will create many employment opportunities especially to the young people. Export products will increase which will also see a growth in the revenue collected. Farmers will see an increase in their earnings, greatly improving their lives and the communities around them.