Principal Secretary Kimotho on Tuesday held consultative discussions with investors from the world’s largest palm oil producer and a team from the Presidential Council of Economic Advisors. The discussion centered on a long-term plan to stabilize edible oil prices in Kenya by focusing on irrigated farming of palm oil.

The PS highlighted that Kenya currently imports over 90 percent of its vegetable oils despite having the capacity to produce these oils locally.

Edible oil, especially palm oil, is one of the largest imports after petroleum. Large scale irrigated farming of palm oil is predicted to be a game changer.   

President Ruto’s administration has identified edible oil as a priority in its value chain approach to promoting local manufacturing. The State Department for Irrigation will play a critical role in facilitating largescale irrigated farming of palm oil.

Kenya has immense potential to reduce its reliance on imported foods, particularly edible oils, which can be competitively produced locally. Investing in irrigated palm oil farming will provide a sustainable solution to the external shocks that often disrupt edible oil supply, contributing to inflation and periodic spikes in the cost of living.

The team made a commitment to engage all stakeholders to drive economic growth by creating jobs, reducing the import bill, and supporting agriculture and local manufacturing to alleviate the cost of living for all Kenyans.