A section of primary grassroots organizations actively involved in environmental conservation are seeking the support of government in their efforts to bolster climate change initiatives across the country.

The Adopt a Tree Movement, a lobby group in support of the climate change agenda, says there is a need for the government to collaborate at the local level to achieve its plan of planting 15 billion trees by 2032.

Addressing a tree-planting event at the Ruai Treatment Plant in Nairobi, environmentalist Samuel Odhiambo stressed the need for the government to not only provide financial support but also logistical assistance. The movement proposes the formulation of well-defined policies ensuring transparent channels for effective distribution of support to grassroots groups

Odhiambo noted, “While the government has set out an ambitious climate change program, it failed to forge partnerships with stakeholders at the local level crucial for achieving the climate change objectives.

Highlighting the urgency of addressing climate change as a global challenge, 10 year-old Alice Wanjiru, the Movement’s climate change ambassador, underscored the profound impact of climate change on society.

“The escalating climate changes worldwide pose a threat with no clear remedy, resulting in extreme weather events such as droughts, floods, and landslides, leading to health issues like asthma, heart problems, and cancer. Action is imperative,” said Wanjiru

Wanjiru, ambitiously aspiring to plant 10 million trees by 2027, has initiated a campaign targeting children during birthday celebrations. The movement, leveraging Wanjiru’s commitment, aims to recruit children as advocates for the climate change agenda. “Often, trees are planted without adequate care. This is an aspect that the government and stakeholders must address to realize the climate change agenda successfully,” she observed