Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha has appointed Charlene Ruto as the Kenya Blood Ambassador.

In a letter dated December 14, 2023, CS Nakhumicha praised Charlene’s dedication to blood donation, stating, “The MoH recognizes and appreciates your selfless contribution to Kenya through your consistent blood donation, advocacy, educating and mobilizing your family members, community, peers, and the general Kenyan citizens to engage in blood donations.”

Charlene’s remarkable efforts to mobilize resources and support blood donation activities have not gone unnoticed.

The appointment letter also emphasized the importance of her role, stating, “The letter is to appoint you as Kenya Blood Ambassador and to ask that: you continue to be a spokesperson to your friends, Kenyan Youth family, Peet’s, and the Kenyan citizens.”

Furthermore, she has been tasked with encouraging people to donate blood to save lives and to collaborate with the Kenya Tissue and Transplant Authority.

The appointment also includes a call for Charlene to work with other partners in blood-related events, including public education and resource mobilization.