Kenyans who have already paid their contributions to the repealed National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) will not be required to pay again after the transition to the Social Health Insurance Fund (SHIF) takes place.

The Ministry of Health on Friday allayed fears that Kenyans might be subjected to fresh payments once the transition from NHIF to the new fund takes place.

Health CS Susan Nakhumicha said a transition committee has been tasked with drawing a road map on how the smooth transition to Social Health Authority will take place.

The CS spoke during a media engagement meeting which was also attended by Social Health Authority CEO Timothy Olweny and PS Medical Services Harry Kimtai.

“No member who has already paid NHIF should be asked to pay afresh upon registration. I know some people pay annually then it is for the transition committee and Social Health Authority to see that they convert that payment into SHA without asking the member to pay again,” Nakhumicha said.

Under the new Social Health Act of 2023, a person currently registered as a member of the repealed NHIF shall register afresh with the Social Health Authority as a member of the Social Health Insurance Fund.

“Those who will begin payment are those who will be due for payment; there are some who have never paid before so then they begin their payments,” she added.