In a bid to enhance access to essential government services and documents for Kenyans, Huduma Centre has called for more partnership with stakeholders through their Huduma Mashinani program.

This call comes in the wake of a successful partnership with Mombasa Cement, which has facilitated over 1,500 individuals in Mombasa to obtain vital documents and services, all funded by Mombasa Cement at the Mombasa Cement Miracle Park in Kibarani.

Assistant Manager of Huduma Centre in Mombasa, Harrison Yogo, highlighted the necessity of such partnerships, stating, “In order for us to do Huduma Mashinani, we need partners like we have done with Mombasa Cement.” Yogo emphasized the challenges faced by many Kenyans in accessing Huduma Centres due to transportation costs, underscoring the importance of taking services directly to the people.

The initiative has met with overwhelming success, prompting discussions about extending the program. Yogo explained, “We are still consulting on the extension. After that, we would be able to say whether we will continue with this partnership or not.”

The services most in demand include national ID cards, good conduct certificates, and NSSF applications, all crucial for employment opportunities.

Mombasa Cement Miracle Park manager Gulam Mustafa expressed the company’s motivation for the partnership, stating, “We felt the pain of the people and I had a discussion with my bosses, and they got into contact with the Huduma people.”

The initiative has drawn individuals from various regions, including Mtwapa, Likoni, and Magongo, with the added incentive of accessible government services alongside the Mombasa Cement feeding program.

The success of the partnership has sparked consideration for an extension, reflecting the urgent need for accessible government services within the community.

Huduma Centre and Mombasa Cement are currently in talks to determine the future of the collaboration, as the demand for services continues to surge.