58,330 passports are yet to be collected from Immigration offices across the country, the government has announced.

In a statement on Tuesday, March 5, 2024, the Directorate of Immigration Services said it has intensified its operations to process and print passports to clear the backlog of applications that a surge in demand has occasioned.

“Applications are being processed on a first-in-first-out basis subject to the availability of specific booklets determined by the number of pages paid for by each applicant,” the statement read in part.

In Embu, there are 9,584 uncollected passports, 6,087 in Kisumu, 5,759 in Mombasa, 4,538 in Eldoret 4,538, 4,466 in Nakuru and 3,283 in Kisii.

In Nairobi, 24,613 passports are yet to be collected by the owners.

“We urge applicants who have already been notified that their passports are ready to collect them as soon as possible to free up storage space,” the statement added.