In recent developments within the ministry of Diaspora Affairs, significant strides have been made to bolster the relationship between Kenya and its diaspora communities worldwide. Under the leadership of President Ruto, several key achievements have been highlighted, signaling a commitment to harnessing the potential of Kenyans abroad for the benefit of both the diaspora and the nation.

  1. Enhanced Government Engagement: One notable achievement is the president’s directive for all foreign missions to engage directly with government ministries. This move aims to streamline support services for Kenyans abroad, particularly on consular matters. By fostering direct communication channels, the government seeks to improve service delivery and address the needs of the diaspora more efficiently.
  2. Harnessing Diaspora Expertise: Recognizing the wealth of expertise and skills within the diaspora an updated inventory of diaspora talent. Plans are underway to establish structures, programs and incentives to attract and utilize qualified individuals from Kenyan descent living abroad. Additionally, measures will be implemented to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills, including virtual platforms, to enhance local capacity within Kenya.
  3. Economic Contribution and Incentives: President Ruto has emphasized the invaluable contribution of diaspora remittances to Kenya’s economy, highlighting them as the largest source of foreign exchange. In response, the government is devising an incentive framework to further encourage and recognize these remittances. Moreover, there is a keen focus on collaboration with diaspora Kenyans to create opportunities that drive the nation’s progress forward.
  4. Dialogue and Civic Engagement: To foster mutual understanding and collaboration, the government is committed to promoting continuous dialogue with Kenyans abroad. Strategies will be implemented to facilitate constructive engagement and civic education, aiming to bridge gaps and address mistrust among Kenyans abroad, as well as between the diaspora and the government
  5. Protection of Diaspora Rights: championing the rights and welfare of Kenya’s diaspora communities remains a priority for the government. Through advocacy and policy initiatives, efforts will be made to safeguard the rights and interests of Kenyans living abroad, ensuring their well-being and integration into their host countries while maintaining strong ties with their homeland.

In summary, these achievements underscore the government’s proactive approach towards harnessing the potential of the diaspora for national development. By fostering rights, Kenya is poised to strengthen its bond with its global citizens and leverage their talents for the collective benefit of the nation.