NACADA and civil society stakeholders are developing policy guidelines to combat Alcohol, Drugs, and Substance Abuse (ADA), aiming to mitigate existing loopholes in the fight against drug abuse.

Speaking at the stakeholders’ consultative forum for the National Policy for the Prevention, Management and Control of Alcohol, Drugs and Substance Abuse at Uhuru na Kazi buildings, Mombasa County Commissioner (CC) Mohamed Nur said that deliberate measures by the government to curb the drug menace in the County are slowly bearing fruits.

He revealed that stringent measures, including the NACADA policy draft, have led to tangible successes, such as shutting down 167 unauthorized bars and confiscating drugs worth approximately Ksh. 10 million.

“We have sustained the fight against alcohol and substance abuse and so far our efforts have been worthwhile. Our teams have been able to shut down close to 167 unauthorized bars operating near schools and residential areas and nabbed an estimated Ksh. 10 million street value worth of bhang,” revealed CC Nur.

Stakeholders have lauded the development of the policy, recognizing its significance in rejuvenating the fight against Drugs and Substance Abuse. The policy includes fiscal measures aimed at reducing alcohol consumption through taxation and restrictions on marketing and availability.