The East African Community (EAC) Affairs Principle Secretary (PS) Abdi Dubat has revealed that a plan is underway to transform the East African Community states into a political confederation. 

Speaking during an interview on Tuesday, February 27, Dubat stated that EAC was in the process of formulating a Constitution to govern the confederation. 

According to the PS, a committee was tasked with gathering information and conducting stakeholder engagement in all the member states, before making the first draft of the Constitution. 

“We have a team of eminent persons led by the former Chief Justice of Uganda and Amos Wako (former Attorney General – Kenya) who is the Vice Chair. They are co-working in a Constitution for the confederation,” Dubat stated. 

“They are doing stakeholder engagements and have so far done that in Burundi, Uganda and Kenya. They are going to do this with every partner state,” he stated, highlighting the need to streamline business operations within the region.

President William Ruto through a statement released on Monday, noted that the East African nations were working towards deepening the diplomatic relations between the seven states.