Th Kenya Kwanza administration has introduced a number of interventions to not only combat illicit substances in Mt Kenya but also across the country. Below are some of the measures:

Introducing Low-Priced, Healthy Alternatives

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua announced government plans to reintroduce low-priced, healthy, and affordable alcoholic drinks to combat the proliferation of illicit brews in the market.

Taxation Reform
The government is addressung taxation issues to facilitate the production of cheaper but healthier alcoholic beverages, thereby making them more accessible to consumers.

Collaborating with Manufacturers
Talks are underway with a leading alcoholic beverages manufacturer to produce the low-priced beverage, as part of the government’s efforts to provide safer alternatives to illicit alcohol.

Targeting Illicit Brews
Gachagua has emphasized that the ongoing crackdown is specifically targeting manufacturers and sellers of illicit and illegal brews, not legitimate businesses.

Community Responsibility
Gachagua has called for collaboration between the government and bar owners to eradicate rogue traders and manufacturers producing harmful alcoholic drinks, stressing the importance of responsible wealth creation and community well-being.