Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has issued a strong warning to the Meru security team following the surge in cattle rustling incidents in the Northern parts of Meru County. During a security briefing at Mutuati in Meru County, Kindiki emphasized the critical need to tackle the ongoing livestock theft challenges.

“Meru County Security team must prioritize and pay full attention to the persistent livestock rustling menace in Mutuati and other parts of Meru North,” Kindiki declared, highlighting the urgency of eradicating this threat to public safety and economic stability.

Kindiki condemned the actions of armed criminals causing harm and economic distress, stating, “It is not possible for marauding armed criminals to continue killing people and impoverishing others economically. This vice must be completely and conclusively eradicated.”

The CS sternly warned against any security officers engaging in laxity or collusion with criminals, stating, “Equally, security officers who are lax or collude with criminals for cheap financial gain will be severely punished. We will not transfer such rogue officers anymore; instead, we will sack and prosecute them.”

Kindiki called for unity among security managers to swiftly address the issue of cattle rustling, emphasizing the need for collective action to eliminate the problem promptly. He assured officers of recognition and rewards for their efforts in combating livestock theft.

The government has implemented various measures to combat cattle rustling in Meru, including deploying National Police Reservists and elite security units in designated high-risk areas. Kindiki urged public cooperation in providing intelligence to aid security forces in apprehending criminals, emphasizing the government’s commitment to ensuring public safety and holding criminals accountable.