The Kenya Forest Service (KFS) has unveiled a plan to plant a staggering 300 million trees by 2024, as part of its wider goal to plant 15 billion trees by 2032. This initiative aims to combat climate change and bolster the country’s socio-economic well-being.

Chief Conservator of Forests, Alex Lemarkoko, yesterday January 12, 2024 led a tree-planting event, joined by senior management, staff, and members of the Uplands Community Forest Association (CFA). Over 5,000 indigenous tree seedlings were planted in Kiambu County, marking a significant step towards the KFS’s monumental target.

In a statement, the KFS emphasized the active involvement of its staff in tree-growing activities, with Lemarkoko stating, “We not only provide the technical support but also get our hands dirty by doing the actual tree growing.”

Lemarkoko also stressed the KFS’s commitment to collaborating with CFAs for water conservation and the restoration of wetland ecosystems, with a focus on prioritizing the planting of fruit trees for their economic value.

In a stern warning to illegal loggers, Lemarkoko declared, “Deal with lawbreakers accordingly. No one is allowed to destroy forests and their vegetation. Do not harass them once you arrest them. Let them face the full force of the law.”