Head of Public Service Felix Koskei confirmed Friday that Kenya will be joining the world next week in commemoration of International Minorities Rights Day.

Monday 18, December 2023 event will mark the first time Kenya is celebrating it since it was declared in 1992.

“Kenya will be joining other nations across the globe to mark the commitments countries have made to promote the principles of diversity, equality, and inclusion, not only as a mechanism for national unity but also as a means of broad-based global assistance and solidarity,” said Koskei

Koskei said the celebrations will be an occasion that will provide a platform for the nation to demonstrate national and international solidarity in the quest for minority rights.

“The celebrations specifically resonate deeply with Article 10 on National Values, Article 27 on Equality and Freedom, from Discrimination and Article 100 on Promotion and Representation of marginalized groups,” he said

He announced that national celebrations will be commemorated at the Bomas of Kenya, Nairobi.

He said participants will be drawn from various communities in the country in line with the definitions in Article 260 of the Constitution.

Koskei added that communities will have a chance to celebrate the richness of their cultures and heritage through song, dance and display of cultural artifacts.

“It is instructive to note that due to their dedication to cultural preservation, these communities have been pivotal in promoting tourism, environmental conservation, balanced human-wildlife cohabitation and traditional medicines and health,” he stated.