Kenya has emerged as a frontrunner in the global shift towards electric vehicles, as highlighted in the latest Electric Vehicle Outlook 2024 report. The report emphasizes Kenya’s significant progress in embracing electric vehicles, particularly in the context of emerging markets and developing economies.

According to the report, the emphasis on the environmental benefits of electric buses, such as reduced air pollution and improved public transport accessibility, has propelled the uptake of electric vehicles in Kenya. Notably, Africa’s largest electric bus company, BasiGo, has ambitious plans to introduce a substantial number of electric buses in Kenya and Rwanda in the coming years.

Kenya’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions is evident in its updated Nationally Determined Contribution, which targets a 32% reduction by 2030. The country’s transport sector, responsible for a notable portion of emissions, is undergoing a transformation towards electric mobility to mitigate its environmental impact.

The Global EV Outlook also forecasts a surge in global electric car sales, with China expected to lead the market with around 10 million electric car sales. In the US and Europe, electric vehicles are projected to represent a significant share of total car sales, reflecting a broader trend towards sustainable transportation solutions worldwide. This shift towards electric vehicles is poised to revolutionize the automotive industry and substantially decrease reliance on traditional fossil fuels for transportation.