The Kenya National Farmers Federation has clinched the top prize at the annual Bayer Youth Summit, walking away with a cash prize of Kes 100,000 for their innovative idea focused on empowering youth for agricultural transformation through agribusiness and innovations.

The summit, which brought together 100 participants from two agricultural institutions, culminated in a fierce competition, with 50 finalists vying for the prestigious award.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in this year’s summit and for winning this money. We commit to ensure that we execute our idea and scale it as far as possible and make a positive contribution to the community,” said Mr. Wakesho, a representative of the Kenya National Farmers Federation.

The 4-day summit, organized by Bayer East Africa in collaboration with key partners, aimed to engage young agricultural leaders in finding solutions to challenges related to food security. Bayer’s Managing Director, Mr. Joern Kraegeloh, commended the students for their commitment and interest in discussing workable solutions towards food security, emphasizing the importance of empowering youth to embrace agribusiness as a key driver for food security.

“We are proud of you all for your active participation in this year’s summit, and we are confident that this has provided a launching pad for you all through the thought-provoking engagements throughout the summit,” said Mr. Kraegeloh.

The summit’s theme centered on sustainable global agriculture and the role of youth in addressing food security challenges. Bayer has committed over 100 million towards youth empowerment across Africa and plans to continue working with youth to scale up similar projects with the potential to change the food landscape.

The event also aimed to address the challenges faced by young people in Sub Saharan Africa, such as water issues, climate change, and unemployment, while recognizing the potential of young people to bring about significant change and contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.