Kenya has been elected to chair the Committee on Tourism and Competitiveness at the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), marking a significant milestone for the country’s global influence in the tourism sector.

“This is a historic moment and an important win for Kenya as it put us in a position of decision-making in matters that affect tourism across the globe. This vote demonstrates the confidence that UNWTO member states have in Kenya’s leadership and ability to steer the organization’s agenda on tourism competitiveness,”stated Tourism Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua, emphasizing the strategic importance of Kenya’s new role.

UNWTO Executive Director Zoritsa Urosevic commended Kenya’s win, citing the country’s extensive experience in tourism and its status as a leading global destination. Urosevic underscored Kenya’s potential to contribute valuable expertise and lead the Committee’s efforts in promoting responsible and competitive tourism across UNWTO member countries.

With Kenya’s tourism sector on the path to recovery after the pandemic, the country’s ascension to the helm of the UNWTO Committee signifies a new chapter in its efforts to drive inclusive growth, job creation, and sustainable tourism development on a global scale.