President William Ruto has announced that Kenya is set to send its first contingent of skilled workers to Saudi Arabia, marking a significant milestone following the successful conclusion of agreements with the Saudi government.

Speaking today Friday 15th December 2023 in Ngong, Ruto revealed that the Saudi Arabian government has officially requested the deployment of the first 2,500 skilled workers from Kenya to the Gulf country for employment opportunities, signifying a notable shift from the previous practice of exclusively sending domestic workers to Saudi Arabia.

“Kenya is taking a bold step towards enhancing opportunities for our skilled workforce. We are proud to announce that we will be sending our inaugural batch of 2,500 skilled workers to Saudi Arabia, with competitive salaries and job opportunities in previously unexplored sectors,” said President Ruto.

The President highlighted that these jobs come with competitive salaries, with previously unexplored skilled sectors, including nursing, now having access to work in Saudi Arabia, offering approximately Sh200,000 in salary. President Ruto also reiterated his commitment to tackling unemployment in Kenya by creating job opportunities both locally and internationally.

“We are fulfilling our manifesto commitment to reduce the rate of unemployment in Kenya by going out of the country to look for jobs for skilled Kenyan youths. Our goal is to significantly address unemployment concerns in the country,” President Ruto stated.

The Ministry of Labour will soon announce the specific opportunities and details for interested skilled workers to apply for these positions.

President Ruto’s efforts to connect Kenyans with international job opportunities are already in motion, with plans to send 5,000 Kenyans weekly to work abroad, enabling them to contribute to the country’s development and their families back home.