Amidst the ongoing heavy rain season, the Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF) has issued crucial travel advisories for residents and visitors planning to explore national parks. The federation’s guidance aims to ensure safety during the nationwide flooding crisis.

Drivers and residents are urged to steer clear of moving water and open fields to minimize risks, with KTF advising against seeking shelter under trees or near grilled windows to reduce exposure to lightning strikes.

In specific park advisories, KTF reported minimal destruction in Amboseli National Park despite heavy rainfall, with access roads still operational. The Maasai Mara National Park was also deemed accessible with no significant impact from the intense rains.

KTF highlighted concerns for the Shaba area in Isiolo and Samburu, monitoring the Ewaso Nyiro River for potential overflow. Coastal areas were deemed safe for travel, with hotels implementing necessary safety measures.

Drivers and guides were cautioned to exercise heightened vigilance in regions like Mount Kenya, Laikipia, and Aberdares due to rising water levels. Despite park accessibility, KTF emphasized adherence to flood warning instructions.

KTF’s Secretary General stressed, “Our priority is the safety of residents and visitors, and we urge everyone to follow the guidelines provided to mitigate risks during this period.”