In-person talks between Kenya and US trade experts are entering the fifth round, indicating significant progress since the fourth round held in Washington D.C. The discussions, according to Trade CS Rebecca Miano, are at an advanced stage, demonstrating Kenya’s commitment to fast-track the process.

The in-person talks between Kenya and US trade experts are headed into the fifth round, after conclusion of the fourth round in Washington D.C, held between April  2 and 12th.

According to CS Miano, the conversations are at an advanced stage with negotiators keen to fast-track the process, as agreed by Presidents William Ruto and Joe Bidden in October last year.

“Several grounds have been covered and inching closer to completion,” the CS said yesterday, during this year’s American Chamber of Commerce in Kenya (AmCham) 2024 Business Summit.

Agriculture, environment, workers’ rights, anticorruption measures, and support for Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) have been central topics in recent negotiations, reflecting a comprehensive approach to trade relations between the two countries.

With talks potentially concluding before the US elections, Kenya aims to secure a trade deal, emphasizing the importance of stability and continuity in trade relations amid political transitions.

Both countries are committed to the Strategic Trade and Investment Partnership (STIP), aiming to enhance investment, promote sustainable growth, support regional economic integration, and facilitate increased market access, particularly for agricultural and manufacturing sectors.