Kenya has emerged as the preferred investment destination for Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) worldwide, according to the East African CEO Survey 2024 conducted by PWC.

The survey, based on responses from 4,702 CEOs across 105 countries, highlighted Kenya’s prominence as a key player in driving revenue growth for companies in the next 12 months.

The survey indicated that 26% of CEOs identified Kenya as a top choice for revenue growth prospects, closely followed by China at 21%. CEOs from East Africa also noted the potential for growth in other East African Community (EAC) countries, emphasizing the importance of intra-EAC trade for unlocking future revenue opportunities.

Despite the positive outlook, challenges such as a non-conducive regulatory environment and limited financial resources were cited by respondents as hurdles to exponential growth. Concerns about skills within the workforce and competing operational priorities were also raised.

The survey emphasizes CEOs’ optimism regarding local GDP growth prospects and anticipated revenue growth for their companies. Reflecting on the survey findings, a PWC spokesperson stated, “Kenya’s position as the preferred investment destination reflects its potential for driving economic growth and attracting global investments.”

This recognition positions Kenya as a frontrunner in the global business landscape, signaling promising opportunities for growth and development in the region.