Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha has revealed that the Ministry of Health is set to provide free treatment for common illnesses at Level II dispensaries and Level III health centers under the new Social Health Insurance Scheme (SHIF). With a focus on improving healthcare accessibility, Kenyans will now have access to essential health services without any financial burden.

“This marks a significant step towards ensuring that all Kenyans can receive necessary healthcare services without monetary constraints,” stated Nakhumicha during the announcement.

The SHIF fund, totaling 53 billion Kenyan Shillings, will cover a wide range of healthcare services, including testing and treatment for common ailments like Malaria, common cold, and flu. Additionally, the fund will support emergency, chronic, and critical illness care, as well as mental wellness services, maternity care, and more.

Timothy Olweny, chair of the Social Health Authority, echoed the government’s commitment to enhancing healthcare outcomes through this initiative. “This initiative aims to revolutionize healthcare in Kenya by prioritizing disease prevention and providing comprehensive health services to all citizens,” he emphasized.

The transition from the National Health Insurance Fund to the Social Health Insurance Fund marks a pivotal moment in Kenya’s healthcare sector, promising improved access to quality healthcare services for all. Stay tuned for further updates on this transformative initiative.