Susan Mang’eni, the Principal Secretary of the State Department for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME), has emphasized the pivotal role of MSMEs in Kenya’s economic landscape, revealing that these enterprises contribute 40% to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and furnish 90% of the nation’s employment.

“MSMEs contribute about 40% of our GDP, and 90% of our jobs,” Mang’eni pointed out, shedding light on the significant economic impact of these businesses in fostering growth and employment opportunities.

While acknowledging the substantial contributions of MSMEs, Mang’eni noted the untapped potential within the sector, suggesting it could boost the country’s GDP by up to 80% if fully leveraged. This underscores a promising avenue for enhanced economic growth and prosperity.

Addressing the importance of MSMEs in job creation and economic advancement, Mang’eni emphasized their critical role in poverty alleviation and overall economic development.

Joining the discussion, Agriculture Principal Secretary Paul Ronoh disclosed the government’s initiative to employ seven young individuals from each ward, totaling around 10,000 youths, to support agricultural programs, aligning with President William Ruto’s Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda aimed at revitalizing key sectors for economic recovery and inclusive growth.