Interior CS Kithure Kindiki has urged Meru leaders to unite in the battle against illicit brew and substance abuse, emphasizing the critical need for collaboration with security agencies.

Speaking at a consultative forum on Thursday, March 7, 2024 Kindiki emphasized the urgency of tackling the nefarious activities of those peddling harmful alcoholic beverages and toxic drugs.

“I call on the leaders here today to cooperate with security agencies in the crackdown on merchants of death who threaten the future of our nation through the manufacture and sale of poisonous alcoholic drinks and toxic drugs,” Kindiki stressed.

The CS also briefed the leaders on the nationwide anti-illicit substances operation recently launched by the government, aimed at combatting the production, trade, consumption, and abuse of illicit alcohol, narcotics, and psychotropic substances.

Highlighting the persistent insecurity in the Northern Grazing Fields of Meru North as a key concern, Kindiki assured that the government is committed to engaging all stakeholders to decisively address the livestock rustling menace.

The government’s stringent measures to curb illicit substances come in the wake of a tragic incident in Kirinyaga County where over 20 individuals lost their lives due to alleged illicit alcohol consumption. Kindiki emphasized that the pervasive use of these substances poses a serious threat to the nation’s well-being and sustainable future, particularly among the youth and elderly populations.