The Ministry of Health unveiled a comprehensive plan to bolster Universal Health Coverage during the 10th National and County Governments summit at State House.

Cabinet Secretary for Health, Nakhumicha Wafula, outlined key strategies, emphasizing optimized supply chains, empowerment of local health practitioners, advancements in digital health systems, and the upgrade of healthcare infrastructure.

She highlighted ongoing reforms within the Health Ministry, focusing on prioritizing order refill rates, local procurement, and injecting KSH 2 Billion into KEMSA.

Significant milestones included the inauguration of the Kenya Health Human Resources Advisory Council and the commissioning of 100,000 Community Health Practitioners.

Legislative progress and digital health advancements were underscored, emphasizing the importance of upgrading healthcare infrastructure amid disparities across facility types, despite a 77% mean equipment availability.

The session aimed to unite efforts towards fortifying Universal Health Coverage in Kenya, emphasizing equitable healthcare accessibility and quality for all citizens.