The Ministry of Health has issued a crucial advisory to Kenyans amidst the ongoing flood crisis. Public Health PS Mary Muthoni emphasized the importance of food safety, urging food business operators to establish and update safety management plans regularly.

Muthoni stressed the need for good hygiene practices to prevent food safety incidents, stating, “Consumers must use clean water for drinking and food preparation.”

Furthermore, Muthoni highlighted the significance of thorough cleaning and sanitization of all surfaces and utensils exposed to floodwaters. She also emphasized the necessity of proper handwashing before handling food and the importance of cooking food thoroughly. Muthoni warned against consuming maize that has changed color and advised monitoring refrigerated or frozen foods during power outages, stating, “Immediate medical attention should be sought if experiencing symptoms of foodborne illness.”

The Ministry is committed to safeguarding the health and well-being of all Kenyans, particularly during the ongoing floods. Muthoni emphasized the critical importance of prioritizing food safety management, especially in the aftermath of natural disasters like floods.

The Ministry, in collaboration with partners, is actively engaged in initiatives to protect consumers from the adverse effects of unwholesome foods. Kenyans are urged to remain vigilant and proactive in ensuring the safety and integrity of the food supply chain.