The Social Health Insurance Fund is being hailed as a groundbreaking pro-hustler initiative, reflecting a legislative approach that prioritizes the interests and affordability of the common citizen.

The former NHIF plan’s flat rate raised concerns about its fairness, as both a person earning Kshs 100,000 and another making 1 Million were paying the same Kshs 1,700. This sparked a need for a more equitable system.

The new plan introduces a graduated and proportional contribution structure. Individuals earning Kshs 100,000 now pay Kshs 2,750, while those making 1 Million contribute Kshs 27,500, aligning contributions with income brackets.

There is fairness and proportionality of the new contribution system, recognizing that it addresses the criticism of the previous one-size-fits-all approach.

Recent decision by the Court of Appeal to stay provisions considered openly unconstitutional has further boosted the plan’s credibility. This legal move allows the implementation of the plan to proceed while ensuring alignment with constitutional principles.