The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) has announced a major update to its premium payment procedure, requiring all payments made through mobile money platforms to be channeled through the Government Pay bill Number 222222. This directive, as outlined in the Kenya Gazette No.16008 of 2022, aims to streamline the payment process and enhance government oversight.

In a statement released today Friday, January 5, 2024, NHIF stated, “The expectations of the government is that all revenue must go through pay bill 222 222 so that Treasury can have site of every govt service that is paid for.” This move aligns with a Presidential Directive and the vision of President William Ruto, who emphasized the need for a single payment platform for the government.

President Ruto, in a recent address, stated the importance of this transition, stating, “In the next 90 days, all other pay Bills must be shut down.” He also mandated the digitization of government services, directing all ministries, state departments, government agencies, and parastatals to have all government services available on the government’s digital platform by December 2023.

NHIF members and employers have been advised to adhere to the new payment procedure, using Paybill Number 222222 and specific account numbers for different types of contributions and penalties. President Ruto further emphasized, “Six months ago, I made a commitment to the people of Kenya that we will have 5,000 government services digitized and available online to the people of Kenya by 30th June this year. I am very happy that today, 5,084 have been digitized, completed and are now available and another 3,500 are digitized halfway.”