President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda has announced the lifting of a 12-year ban on minerals exports, specifically for Kenya, after a personal request. The decision was disclosed by President Museveni during a speech at the World Bank Summit in Nairobi, attended by 20 Heads of State.

President Museveni revealed that he granted the export allowance following a plea from President Ruto to import iron ore for steel manufacturing. However, the permission comes with a condition – a Kenyan entrepreneur involved in steel production must establish a factory in Uganda to create job opportunities for Ugandans.

“I banned the export of minerals from Uganda… I forgave him and gave him a little iron ore for two or three years because I have got a lot. One of the best iron ore in the world,” stated President Museveni, highlighting the strategic decision behind the move.

The Ugandan President criticized exploitative practices by international businessmen, emphasizing the importance of local processing and job creation. He pointed out instances where foreign entities profited significantly from Uganda’s resources while offering meager compensation to local workers.

President Museveni’s bold stance aims to prioritize local economic development and job creation, as evidenced by the establishment of gold refineries in Uganda. His actions reflect a broader commitment to safeguarding African interests and promoting self-sufficiency across various sectors.