President William Ruto has announced that Africa is not only seeking financial aid but is actively pursuing partnerships to propel its development forward. Speaking today, Monday, April 29, 2024 at the International Development Association (IDA21) summit in Nairobi, Ruto highlighted the need for collaborative efforts to ensure dignified livelihoods for all Africans.

“We seek not just funding, but a partnership for progress,” Ruto stated. He outlined a comprehensive plan for Climate Positive Growth, aligning with the Nairobi Declaration to promote sustainable livelihoods across Africa. Ruto emphasized the importance of support in transforming agriculture, water security, and energy access on the continent.

With a focus on creating job opportunities for millions of youths entering the workforce monthly, Ruto urged for increased backing of African-led initiatives. He stressed the responsible management of resources to drive Africa’s industrialization agenda forward.

Ruto commended the IDA for its effectiveness and called for donor organizations to raise their support from $93 billion in 2021 to at least $120 billion this year. The President’s call for enhanced partnerships signifies Africa’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and sustainable development.